Universal DNA extraction Kit
Quick purification of high quality DNA from whole blood, plasma, serum, body fluids(saliva, sputum, semen, milk),
buffy coat, lymphocytes, swabs, etc. or cultured cells in less than 15 minutes using innovative Spin™ column technology.
  Capable of recovering genomic DNA up to and
Above 40 kb. In most instances, mitochondrial
DNA and viral DNA (if present) will also be
High-quality DNA is eluted with DNA Elution
Buffer or water. DNA is especially well suited
for PCR and other downstream applications.
up to 35µg genomic DNA.
Centrifuge and vacuum manifold protocols
  Solid & FFPE Tissue DNA  

For high quality DNA purification from small amounts of solid tissue
(e.g., tailsnips, earpunches, adipose tissue, etc.), whole blood, plasma,
serum, buffy coat, lymphocytes, cultured cells, semen, hair, and other
biological sources.
Reliable - DNA from a single FFPE sample with no splitting of the lysate,
reducing variability and inconsistent results

Capable of recovering genomic and mitochondrial DNA sized fragments
from 100 bp to ≥ 40 kb. If present, parasitic, microbial, and viral DNA
will also be recovered. Typical fragment sizes range from 25 kb - 35 kb.

 Efficient—yields up to 8 µg of purified DNA
 Centrifuge and vacuum manifold protocols
Viral DNA Kits
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