Pipettes A-single pipettes
Single- and Multichannel air-interface adjustable Micropipettes include all features requested by the user:
Robustness, simple operation, complete autoclavability and ergonomic design, as well as highest accuracy
and easy calibration for long lasting reliability.
Completely autoclavable at 121°C
Ergonomic design
Simple volume adjustment for left- and right-handers
4-digit volum display for optimal readability.
Integrated calibration function for easy calibration without the need for tools.
Good chemical & UV-light resistance.
conformity certified to DIN 12600 and CE/IVD compliant.
accuracy ± 0.5%
covering volumes from 0.1µl to 10ml
High-Fidelity Polymerases

The plunger and ejector buttons are ergonomically located and operate smoothly by both right and left handed users
The tip manifold rotates 360º
The innovative ejector bar is curved, allowing the tips to be pushed off in steps, there-fore reducing the
  amount of force required for ejection.
The use of advanced, lightweight materials (in both the body of the pipette and the piston assemblies)
results in a pipette that will stand up to constant use, yet is easy to hold, even during extended pipetting sessions

  AP-CSDCarousel Stand, holds 6 single channel pipettes
  AP-ASDAcrylic Stand, holds 4 pipettes, single and multichannel
  AP-8-SDWire Stand for single 8-channel pipette
  AP-12-SDWire Stand for single 12-channel pipette
  AP-IDRColour Identification rings, pk/10 different coloursAP-LHEBLeft hand ejector button