Soil/Fecal RNA Kits
Quick, 10 minute isolation of total RNA (~10 µg) from various soil and fecal samples
using ultra-high density BashingBeads™ and Spin™ column technologies
• Sample Sources Bacteria, fungi, protozoa, and algae in soil, sludge or sediments,and bacteria,protist
   and/or Host RNA from feces (mammalian, avian, etc.).
• RNA Purity High quality RNA (A260/A280 >1.8, A260/A230 >1.8) suitable for all
  Downstream RNA-based manipulations.
• RNA Recovery Up to 10 µg RNA can be eluted into ≥6 µl RNase-free water allowing
  for a highly concentrated sample.
• Sample Size ≤250 mg
PCR amplification of Arthrobacter sp. rRNA transcript (361 bp fragment shown) in duplicate: ZR 100 bp DNA ladder, Zymo Research,Cat.
No. M5005-50. PCR controls: Negative control - Total RNA isolation from Arthrobacter 250
mg sludge in duplicate (above). Positive control -Arthrobacter sp. genomic DNA. Negative control - Water.
Plant RNA MiniPrep™
• Quick, 10 minute isolation of inhibitor-free total RNA (~50 µg) from a wide
   variety of plant samples using ultra-high density BashingBeads™ and Zymo-Spin™ column technologies.
• Format Bead beating, spin column
• Sample Sources Leaves, stems, buds, flowers, fruit, seeds, etc.
• RNA Purity High quality total RNA (A260/A280 > 1.8, A260/A230 > 1.8) is Recovered.
• RNA Recovery RNA can be eluted into small volumes, ≥25 µl, allowing for a highly
  concentrated sample. Maximum RNA binding capacity of the provided column is ~50 µg.
• Compatibility Compatible with samples stored in RNAlater ™.
solation of total RNA from 10 mg of a fresh leaf material (Nicotiana sp.) using the Plant RNA MiniPrep™.
Leaves were minced then processed using a FastPrep®-24 instrument (MP Biomedicals). Samples 1 and 2 were
loaded in 2x and 1x volume aliquots, respectively, and resolved in a 1% (w/v) nondenaturing agarose gel. RNA
Millenium™ Markers (Ambion) were used as size standards
RNA from TRIzol & TRI Reagent
A) Direct-zol™ RNA MiniPrep
Quick, spin column purification of high-quality (DNA-free) total RNA directly from TRIzol®, TRI Reagent® and other
acid-guanidinium-phenol based reagents (RNAzol®, QIAzol®, TriPure™, TriSure™, etc.).
• Bypasses phase separation and precipitation procedures, for non-biased recovery of miRNA.
• Sample Sources Cells from culture, solid tissue, plasma, serum, whole
  blood, and in vitro processed RNA (e.g., transcription products,
  DNase-treated or labeled RNA) or samples stored and preserved in TRI
  Reagent®, TRIzol®, RNAzol®, QIAzol®, TriPure™, TriSure™ and all other
  acid-guanidinium-phenol reagents.
• RNA Purity A260/A280 >1.8, A260/A230 >1.8. Complete removal of
  DNA can be accomplished using an in-column DNase I digestion
• RNA Recovery The RNA binding capacity of the provided Zymo-Spin™ IIC Column is ~50 µg.
• Compatibility TRIzol®, RNAzol®, QIAzol®, TriPure™, TriSure™ and all
  other acid-guanidinium-phenol based solutions can be used in place of TRI Reagent
• RNA Size Limits RNAs ≥17 nucleotides.
B) TRIsure™
TRIsure™ is a ready-to-use reagent, for the isolation of separate fractions of RNA, DNA and proteins from cell and
tissue samples of human, animal, plant, yeast, or bacterial origin, within one hour.High yield - column-free extraction


isolation of high-quality RNA, DNA
or protein in 60 minutes


Perfect for a wide variety cells, tissues
and bacteria


isolated material is ready for
downstream applications

RNA extracted from 3T3 cells and mouse tissue, using TRIsure and another supplier's reagent. Lanes 1-3 are 4µg of
total RNA from 3T3 cells, 4µg of total RNA from mouse kidney tissue and 4µg of total RNA from mouse liver tissue
respectively. RNA Ladder (M)
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