cDNA Synthesis Kits  
cDNA Synthesis Kit has been developed to generate high-quality first strand cDNA from total RNA template. The kit contains all necessary
components in a unique TransAmp™ buffer system to deliver the highest quality cDNA
  • High yields of full length cDNA up to 20 kb
• Efficient cDNA synthesis at wide temperature range from 42°C to 65°C
• Increased synthesis rate—complete cDNA synthesis in 15-30 minutes
• High sensitivity and specificity
• Ultra-stable reverse transcriptase -for long genes and rare transcripts
• Simple -one-tube, one-step set-up for highly sensitive PCR

• Eliminate the need for DNase treatments—RT Enhancer (optional) prevents gDNA carry-over
• RT and PCR steps performed in single sealed tube—convenience and reduced contamination risk
• highly sensitive in a broad dynamic range—accurately detect RNA input from 1 pg to 1 µg
• Wide working temperature range (42 to 57°C) for success with GC-rich and other difficult templates
• RNase Inhibitor included in RT enzyme mix
• Master Mix offers consistent and robust amplification from more than 14 kb cDNA products.
• Highly optimized - for detection of low-copy genes
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