Blood, Serum, Plasma & Body Fluid RNA
Quick, 10 minute method for purifying total RNA from whole and partitioned blood samples.
Compatible with commonly used anticoagulants (i.e., EDTA, heparin, citrate).
Sample Sources
RNA Purity
RNA Recovery
  High quality RNA (A260/A280
  >1.8, A260/A230 >1.8) suitable
   for all downstream RNA-based
RNA yields from 200 µl
whole-blood are species and
sample dependent and averages
can range from <1 (e.g., horse)
to >20 µg (e.g., mouse) total
RNA that is eluted into ≥6 µl
RNase-free water.
Urine RNA Isolation Kits  
• Sample Sources Urine and other aqueous samples containing cells,
  biological sediment, microvesicle-associated RNA, etc.
• RNA Purity High quality RNA is recovered in RNase-free water. Some
  DNA may be present in the final preparation of RNA. Complete
  removal of DNA can be accomplished by performing an in-column
  DNase I digestion.
• RNA Recovery Typically, 0.2 to 3.0 µg RNA per 30 ml urine sample.
  The RNA binding capacity of the supplied columns is up to 10 µg.
• Sample Size 30 ml (standard reaction); can be increased/decreased
Urine RNA Isolation Kits
• Quick, 5-minute recovery of viral RNA from
  plasma, serum and other samples.
• Sample Sources:- Plasma, serum, culture
  supernatants, animal cells and tissue.
• RNA Purity:High-quality RNA suitable for
  reverse transcription, etc.
• RNA Recovery:- Up to 10 μg RNA can be
eluted into as little as 6 μl RNase-free water
  allowing for a highly concentrated sample.
• Sample Size:- ≤200 µl
Viral RNA was isolated from liquid samples using the ZR Viral RNA Kit™. Isolated viral RNA was reverse
transcribed/amplified using a coupled RT-real-time PCR system (Zymo Research). Ct values for measles
and influenza type A (FluA) were 23.05 (diamonds), 24.56 (triangles), respectively.
Bacteria, Yeast & Fungi RNA
• Quick, 10 minute isolation of total RNA (~50 µg) from Gram-negative/positive bacteria, yeast and fungi using ultra-high density BashingBeads™
   and Zymo-Spin™ column technologies.
Format Bead beating, spin column.
Sample Sources 50-100 mg (wet weight) fungi or bacteria. This equates to approximately 109 bacterial cells and 108yeast cells.
RNA Purity High quality total RNA (A260/A280 > 1.8, A260/A230 > 1.8) is recovered. In general, traces
  of DNA may be present in the eluted RNA fraction. Complete removal of DNA can be accomplished by performing an in-column DNase I digestion.
RNA Recovery RNA can be eluted into small volumes, ≥25 µl, allowing for a highly concentrated sample. Maximum RNA binding
  Capacity of provided column is ~50 µg.
Compatibility Compatible with samples stored in RNAlater™.
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