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PikoReal Real-Time

Receive excellent qPCR
performance in a tiny
footprint with the Thermo
Scientific™ PikoReal™
Real-Time PCR System,
ideal for personal use.


MagPurix Zinexts

The MagPurix 12s is a
compact bench-top
extractor for automated
purification of nucleic
acids from up to 12
samples in parallel

Arktik PCR

Suitable for a wide range
of applications—from
individual reactions to
high-throughput projects.
The Thermo Scientific™
Arktik™ Thermal Cycler

Centrifuge Peco

Benchmark Scientific's MyFuge
Mini is a small micro-sized
centrifuge perfect for quick
spin downs of PCR tubes and
microtubes. The MyFuge Mini
is easy to use

        Sensitivity One Copy
        Very Fast Amplification
        Individual Test Per run
        Unresricted access & easy to use software

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Nucleic acid purification